Verint Speech Analytics


Verint Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics Helps Contact Centers Mine Interactions

Verint Speech Analytics automatically mines thousands – even millions – of customer interaction recordings to surface the unbiased intelligence essential to effective business strategies and a superior customer experience. Verint Speech Analytics can help your organization pinpoint market perceptions, trends, and opportunities, the factors driving high costs and unproductive call volumes, and the strengths and weaknesses of their people, products, and processes.

Ignite, a Speech Analytics program by Adtech Global, leverages Verint Impact 360 Speech Analytics in a 3-month engagement.  The program enables contact centers of all sizes to help shape business objectives and improve an organization’s bottom line through the findings of ad hoc campaign results or the cause of short-term trends in the contact center.

  • Analyze call content to reveal insights on reducing costs and improving products, processes and the customer experience.
  • Help organizations identify competitive threats and opportunities and the root cause of customer dissatisfaction and call volumes.
  • Identify and validate “moments of truth” in the customer journey.
  • Understand drivers of customer loyalty across the enterprise.
Verint Speech Analytics in the cloud!

Verint Speech Analytics
Adtech Global offers Verint's full, unified WFO suite on-premise or in the cloud via Stratx, the only cloud-based Workforce Optimization solution that integrates with any ACD/PBX.


  • How does Verint compare to other Workforce Optimization solutions on the market?

    Verint, has been an industry leader in Workforce Optimization solutions and is used by more than 10,000 organizations in over 150 countries. With more than 85 percent of the Fortune 100 using Verint solutions, Verint’s innovation in the contact center space is widely recognized by industry analysts and consultants. Verint is also the only Workforce Optimization suite that is truly a unified solution.

  • What if I’m considering moving my Workforce Optimization solutions to the cloud?

    You’re in luck! Adtech Global offers Verint WFO in the cloud via Stratx Learn more about moving your applications to the cloud with our Cloud Checklist

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