TechSee Augmented Visual Support

Have you ever been on a call with a contact center agent to discuss a miss-shipped product, a broken shipment or to get a better understanding of your bill and thought “If only the agent could see what I am seeing!”? TechSee helps put an end to the frustrating “blind” support that comes with voice calls by adding the power of visual support. Smart remote visual guidance adds the magic of sight, enabling contact center agents to intelligently and quickly understand your customer’s needs and questions and properly address them. This solution leverages existing mobile technology to power visual remote support without having to download or install mobile applications to the end customer smart phone.

They say “A picture is worth 1000 words.” By enabling agents to see what your customer is looking at, contact center agents are able to provide technical and remote support by addressing problems quicker and ultimately lowering average handle times, increasing first time call resolutions and reducing repeat call volume. Not to mention the increase in customer satisfaction by having a better overall customers experience. With the widespread availability of mobile technology, why wouldn’t your contact center utilize this remote support technology to help your customers?

TechSeeallows customers to show contact center support staff what problems they have encountered that would otherwise be a guess for contact center support staff to make on what support to provide.

Tech support over the phone is like flying blind

What the customer sees


What the contact center sees


TechSee Live

Agent Desktop to Customer

TechSee Field Service Module

Mobile and Field Service Initiated

TechSee Field Library Module

Knowledge Base / Library of Images

Reduced Cost

Reduce the number of unnecessary or incorrectly dispatched technicians or parts as well as reduced average handle time

Customer Satisfaction

Resolving customer inquires or support incidents result in a better customer experience and a more satisfied customer


Simple and efficient user interface including the features you need and nothing more

Pay-As-You-Go, Invest Elsewhere

Low upfront costs, combined with a subscription model enables you to shift your costs from CapEx to OpEx


Designed with security in mind, from initial connection with a customer to long term storage of pictures in a library for future use

Higher First Time Resolution

Increase the percentage of first time resolution calls, while understanding and diagnosing issues or inquires quicker and easier

Augmented Visual Support


Augmented Visual Support

Discover the power Augmented Visual Support can have on your contact center in better helping customers.



What is Augmented Visual Support?

Learn what Augmented Visual Support is and the power it can have on your contact center.

TechSee Intelligent Visual Support


TechSee Intelligent Visual Support

See how Augmented Visual Support can help you provide more accurate technical support.



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