A Simple Path to Call Recording Data Migration

What are your plans for upgrading your WFO software and how are you addressing your legacy recordings?

Adtech Global’s InfoVaultTM, the one and only solution of its kind, makes it easy to increase the lifetime of your recordings by migrating them from your existing or legacy platform and from various media formats, into a secure repository for long-term archival and access.

How InfoVault Works

Adtech Global understands the cost and complexity associated with version upgrades and new implementations of contact center software. We equally understand the importance of maintaining valuable data collected with your legacy platforms.

InfoVault extracts and migrates media files and legacy call recordings allowing for easy anytime, anywhere access and retrieval. Recordings are easily queried, using the key metadata you define, played back and exported through a simple, web-based user interface. InfoVault data migration’s unique features include:

– Action logging
– Playback
– Call management and purging
– InfoVault portal with robust search features

  • Eliminates Dependency on Legacy Software and Hardware

    Eliminates the need to maintain legacy recording software, hardware and associated licenses, maintenance contracts, training or knowledge of those systems

  • Compliance

    Reduced risk of compliance costs and penalties because legacy data is retained according to your policies and regulatory mandates and instantly accessible

  • Pay-As-You-Go; Invest Elsewhere

    Low upfront costs, combined with a subscription model enables you to shift your data migration costs from CapEx to OpEx, allowing you to redirect allotted migration funds to other urgent projects

  • Reduced Migration Costs

    Major reduction of migration costs, timelines and complexities when moving to a new version or platform

  • Secure

    Designed with security in mind, from the initial data extraction, to the long-term storage, access and retrieval

  • Your Repository or Ours, Your Choice

    With flexible archival options, migrated recordings can be stored in your cloud or ours, yet accessed with the same ease

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