Global Monitor

Workforce Optimization Monitoring Critical to Your Business Success

Intelligent alarming for your WFO environment

Improve uptime throughout your entire contact center with Global Monitor – an application monitoring service that verifies your Verint & Avaya Workforce Optimization applications are operating optimally. Enlist Global Monitor to protect your contact center software investment with experienced WFO technicians to monitor dozens of key WFO-specific metrics that influence revenue and customer service efforts.

Engineered with the Verint & Avaya WFO community in mind

We understand the impact WFO applications have on your contact center operations. That’s why we’ve created Global Monitor as the first and only intelligence service specifically for the Verint and Avaya WFO community. With Global Monitor, you’ll always have insight into how your entire system is performing – an imperative asset to streamlining workforce efficiency, meeting service level requirements, and improving customer service levels. As a comprehensive service that is pre-configured to monitor, detect, and alert on all critical and functional aspects of your Recording, QM, Speech & DPA solutions and system health, Global Monitor also prevents hyper alarming, ensuring your IT team stays efficient and has the ability to focus on only impactful issues.

Global Monitor

  • Real-time Dashboard – Global Monitor’s online dashboard puts key information at your fingertips. Displaying metrics, issues and current application status, the Dashboard is ideal for display in your NOC or on any internet-connected device.
  • Smart Alerts – Alerts are classified by criticality, based on customer preferences, to notify on urgent issues affecting current uptime and performance, as well as highlight trends stemming from these applications. You choose when you’re alerted and how (text, call or email). Alerts are designed to be further optimized during deployment for your unique customer environment.

No other service offers this level of application intelligence.

Primary analysis is combined with live secondary analysis from event handlers and technicians with extensive contact center technology experience to ensure all impactful issues and negative trends are reported to the customer effectively. Rest assured your data is secure. Only metrics surrounding the data is collected. No proprietary data, including data and voice files, is ever collected and your team is alerted of critical issues within minutes.

A service for any size contact center.

Global Monitor is offered in three different tiers to address the budget and service level expectations of virtually any size organization and contact center environment. Whether you are an SMB or a large enterprise, you can equally benefit from the same 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting service, while having the ability to choose from tiers that wrap indispensable additional value, which ultimately improves your business operations.

Sample application and system monitors.

As part of the Global Monitor service, Adtech Global continuously adjusts the application monitoring thresholds, aspects monitored and specifics based on new discoveries from your environment, team and trends.

Preventative Alerts

Calls are not continuously recording
Application modules are not functioning
System is overloaded
Recording archiving fails
Recordings exceed license limit

Problems Found Alerts

Validate appropriate recording length
Desktop recording is not functioning
Voice card failure
CTI adapters fail
Recordings are not being processed adequately



Application Monitoring

Explore what application monitoring tools are and what they can do for your contact center software to ensure business continuity.

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What is Global Monitor

Discover Global Monitor and how it can improve business continuity by remotely monitoring your entire Verint or Avaya WFO environment.

Global Monitor Intelligent Alarming and Monitoring


Intelligent Alarming and Monitoring

Maximize business continuity for your entire Verint and Avaya WFO environments with Global Monitor.



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