Contact Center Solutions

Our portfolio of contact center solutions was born from listening to our customers objectives and challenges. We offer a variety of customized solutions from call recording migration, WFO and application monitoring. We have carefully selected best-of-breed technology partners that provide customer engagement solutions to meet your every need.

InfoVaultTM helps you increase the lifetime of your recordings by migrating them from your existing or legacy platform and from various media formats, into a secure repository for long-term archival and access.

InfoVault Migration

InfoVault makes it easy to increase the lifetime of your call recordings by migrating them from your existing or legacy WFO platform and from various media formats, into a secure cloud repository.

Global Monitor

As an intelligent alarming service, Global Monitor improves uptime throughout your contact center by verifying Verint & Avaya Workforce Optimization applications are operating optimally.

global monitoring
Stratx Cloud, cloud-based Verint, Verint

Stratx Cloud-Based Verint

Experience Verint’s full suite of Customer Engagement Optimization solutions in the cloud via Stratx. Servers, hardware and software are managed 24/7 in a secure data center.

Verint Customer Engagement Optimization

Adtech Global is a leading reseller and master distributor of the entire Verint Customer Engagement Optimization software suite. Adtech Global is Verint’s longest tenured business partner with deep knowledge of Workforce Optimization and Customer Analytics solutions.



TechSee smart remote visual guidance adds the magic of sight to your contact center, enabling agents to intelligently and quickly understand and diagnose issues that drive resolutions to any problem.

Cloud Capabilities

As a cloud and data center expert, we build and manage your environment for endless possibilities. With a global network and data center footprint we provide fully managed, enterprise-grade solutions.