Managed Services

We want to help you keep your contact center software up and running, that’s why we offer a variety of managed services to help you achieve reliability from your investment. Our experts manage and optimize your contact center software without you doing a thing. Find out more about how we can help manage your services for your contact center below.

managed services, moves/adds/changes (MAC)

Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC)

WFO application technicians will manage changes in your personnel and business rules as you need them. This includes moves/adds/changes of agents, business rules, extensions, workspaces, security profiles and user roles.

Patching and OS Updates

Our team keeps your operating system up-to-date and secure on a regular basis. We implement remote updates, with update notices, during maintenance windows and ensure ongoing compatibility with your WFO suite.

call center services, managed services
managed services, call center services

Backup Services

Adtech Global manages your data and Windows Server backup in a secure and redundant cloud environment. To learn more about our cloud back up services and cloud capabilities click here.

Forecasting and Scheduling

With this managed service, Adtech Global manages your WFM applications for you. We will create call volume forecasts based on historic trends, and implement optimal and feasible agent schedules based on your criteria and monthly updates.

forecasting and scheduling