Ignite Speech Analytics

Adtech Global introduces Ignite Speech Analytics, a program that leverages Verint’s Speech Analytics to enable contact centers to discover the business impact of Speech Analytics through captured customer interactions. Within this 3-month program, Ignite provides immediate results and feedback on customer service levels and customer retention, provides the ability to score and mine up to 100% of calls, frees up approximately 40% of Quality Analysts time and provides efficiency in the coaching process.

The Power of Verint Speech Analytics with maximum flexibility and affordability

Seasoned Speech Analytics experts will take your organization through a discovery process of reporting and trend analysis to reveal insights on reducing costs and improving products, processes, and the overall customer experience. Our expert consultants use your Ignite results to help identify and quantify how analytics can improve your contact center or back-office operations as well as helping to pinpoint cost drivers and opportunities. Our consultations are focused on your business objectives such as churn reduction, identifying call drivers, or improving the cost to serve your customers. Services in the Ignite Speech Analytics program include:

  • A three month consulting engagement for up to 300 seats of Speech Analytics
  • Consultation with seasoned expert who monitors and reports on your results
  • Consultation focused on business objectives such as churn reduction, identifying call drivers or decreasing the cost to serve your customers
  • Detailed trend analysis and weekly reporting of results by our experienced experts
  • Call encryption for protection of calls injested into Speech software
  • Calls can be extracted from any recording software
  • Aims to improve business through findings of ad hoc campaigns and short-term trends as well as quantify ROI on Speech Analytics
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No hardware or software purchase necessary to see the power of Speech Analytics

Adtech Global provides comprehensive services for you to leverage your applications to work best for your business. You can trust your WFO applications to Adtech Global’s experienced consultants. Our teams are trained with cross-functional collaboration for continuous improvement and specialize in business process optimization, training, platform migrations, and WFO strategy. With an average of 12+ years in contact center management, all of our consultants have an in-depth understanding of implementing industry best practices.

  •  17+ years of Workforce Optimization and contact center expertise

  • Large, global infrastructure with teams that serve customers worldwide

  • Proven methodologies to meet your needs fast

  • Quick-start projects with firm targets for each milestone

  • Fixed, cost-effective rates

  • Services for the entire Customer Engagement Optimization suite

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Ignite Speech Analytics

Use the voice of your customers to build cost containment and customer service strategies throughout your contact center and back-office.

Speech Analytics Checklist


4 Ways to Get Started With Speech Analytics

Ensure your company starts receiving the ROI of Speech Analytics immediately by taking these first 4 steps.

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Discovering the ROI of Speech Analytics

Leverage your Speech Analytics solution and discover the ROI behind interpreting data from your customers’ responses.



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