OEM Manufacturing


OEM Manufacturing

High Quality OEM Manufacturing for High Success

By integrating quality throughout every process, Adtech Global enables consistently superior results for our partners and customers. Adtech Global's proven quality manufacturing processes result in turn-key solutions that reduce production costs while increasing the quality for all our hardware appliance customers.


OEM Manufacturing Services:

  • Assemble verified, tested components
  • Create visual build instructions
  • Integration
  • Imaging and image archiving
  • Firmware and driver revision control
  • Software image load
  • Customization
  • Product branding
  • Compliance and certification
  • Racking, stacking, cabling


ISO9001 Registered RoHS        

"Their high level of expertise means they play a valuable part in the Endemol IT organization, acting as a virtual part of the team." Mark Cotterel Head of IT Endemol London, UK
"Adtech Global takes the time to fully understand our business and the challenges we are facing." Subhash Sreedharan Head of IT Dreams High Wycombe, England
"Adtech Global's communicative approach ensures that our importance as a customer is never to be underestimated." Paul Newman Head of IT LeasedriveVelo Wokingham, England


  • My company has locations all over the world. Is there a way that Adtech Global can provide quality service to all of my locations?

    Yes. Adtech Global has been a global solutions provider for 10 years. With 5 locations across the world, we guarantee the same great service, no matter what location.

  • What sets Adtech Global apart from other technology solutions providers?

    Adtech Global's best-of-breed technology combined with our people and our services allows your business to run more efficiently with robust technology and a total solution package. Our team of experts knows the importance of assurance and trust you need from your technology partner throughout all your turnkey solutions. Adtech Global offers flexible and highly scalable blend of services to bring value to every solution, technology that are leaders in their industry, customer service representatives committed to providing the highest quality service for all of our customers, and complete project management around all aspects of our solutions.

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