Global Monitor Service


Global Monitor Service

Gain Insight into your Entire Verint Solution

Global Monitor

With more than 15 years of partnership with Verint, Adtech Global’s team stays trained on Verint technology to provide complete monitoring for your Verint software solution including the hardware and operating system metrics.
Global Monitoris the only service to monitor your Verint solution in real-time, alerting your team of trends or problem occurrences.


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Global Monitor has been engineered around the Verint solution.  The service is ready to alert on all Verint voice and data problem occurences and negative trends throughout all applications from Impact 360 Workforce Management to Impact 360 Voice of the Customer.

  • Customized: The service is configured for your Verint environment, modifying alerts based on average thresholds identified by the team.
  • Proactive: Global Monitor arms your business with  insight into the status of your Verint applications, hardware and operating systems.
  • Priority Level Driven: You choose which alerts should be immediate, who should get them, how often and when.
  • Extension of your IT Team: With our service monitoring your entire system, your IT staff is able to focus on other job responsibilities.
  • Data Security: Only metrics surrounding the data is collected .  No propriety data, including Verint data and voice files, is collected.
  • Improved System Performance: Proven to improve performance and up-time by monitoring hundreds of data points throughout your system.
Verint Performance
  • Preventative Alerts:
  • Calls are not continuously recording
  • Verint modules are not functioning
  • System is overloaded
  • Recording archiving fails
  • Recordings exceed Verint license limit
  • Problems Found Alerts:
  • Validate appropriate recording length
  • Desktop recording is not functioning
  • Voice card failure
  • CTI adapters fail
  • Recordings are not being processed adequately

Microsoft Windows Performance
  • Preventative Alerts:
  • Hard disk space is low
  • Network is saturated
  • Hard drives are behind normal processing rate
  • Low on memory
  • Problems Found Alerts:
  • CPU core maintains 100% usage
  • Service stops or crashes
  • Server falls off the network
  • Disk subsystem failure
  • Database error occurs



Dashboard Features Under Development & Coming Soon!

Customer login and dashboard includes real-time statistics, drill down grouping and reporting. Inquire with your sales representative for more information.

“It was quickly evident that GlobalMonitor has huge potential for us. The greatest value is the solution’s ability to identify issues before they impact our service. We’ve seen a significant difference in the prevention of system issues.” Tim Gafford Director of IT Infratstructure Medco Health Solutions, Inc.


  • How do I know my hardware, software and operating systems are in good hands with the Global Monitor service?

    With Global Monitor, your service is equipped with trained computer experts from Adtech, a leader in business technology solutions. In addition, customized technical and executive reports are delivered straight to the appropriate personnel's inbox so your staff is assured with succinct information of your system's past performance.

  • Why should I choose Adtech Global to monitor my Verint applications?

    Adtech Global is the only company who monitors all of the Verint applications. Plus, Adtech Global knows Verint like few others. With a 12 year partnership, Adtech Global and Verint have completed thousands of installations together for companies worldwide. With regular collaborations with all departments of Verint's team and an Adtech sales and support team trained on Verint technology, the Global Monitor service surrounds the Verint applications to provide complete, robust solutions.

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