Engineering Project Showcase


Engineering Project Showcase

Over the past 15 years, our engineers have built robust appliances powered by today's most advanced technology

From 1u-4u, mini, full-rack, front port, or customized platforms, we work with our customers to provide the finished and branded hardware to go above and beyond their expectations.  

Contact us to see how we can build your customized solution.

"Our work with Adtech has always resulted in competitive pricing and robust products." Valentino Herrera Sentry Technical Support Tektronix El Segundo, TX USA
“Developing a new generation of high performance HD decoders, Adtech Global was instrumental in helping us overcome significant design challenges." Konrad Simon Product manager Bosch Security Systems Nürnberg, Germany
"Through Adtech Global’s engineering and production teams, Bosch has introduced leading IP video decoding technology. We look forward to our next project.” Konrad Simon Product manager Bosch Security Systems Nürnberg, Germany
"Adtech Global offers Molecular Devices customers a great solution to provide a hardware refresh. Our customers will benefit from our increased partnership with Adtech Global." Frank Haffner Senior Account Manager of Drug Discovery Molecular Devices
“The hardware refresh by Adtech Global was implemented successfully and we are very satisfied with our updated system that will extend the life of our current investment.” Bernhard Goller Roche Diagnostics GmbH


  • How do I start the process with Adtech Global to begin conversations about what type of application or hardware I would like to build?

    The process is simple. Please click here to fill the online contact form with some minimal information and someone will be in contact with you expeditiously.

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