Contact Center Analytics


Contact Center Analytics

Verint Speech Analytics 

Contact Center Analytics Help Contact Centers of All Sizes Perform More Effectively

Verint Speech Analytics automatically mines thousands – even millions – of customer interaction recordings to surface the unbiased intelligence essential to effective business strategies and a superior customer experience. Speech Analytics can help your organization pinpoint market perceptions, trends, and opportunities, the factors driving high costs and unproductive call volumes, and the strengths and weaknesses of their people, products, and processes.

Ignite, a Speech Analytics program by Adtech Global, leverages Verint Impact 360 Speech Analytics in a 3-month engagement.  The program enables contact centers of all sizes to help shape business objectives and improve an organization’s bottom line through the findings of ad hoc campaign results or the cause of short-term trends in the contact center.

Verint Data Analytics

Use Data Mining to Examine Calls and Reveal Specific Scenarios that Can Effect Contact Center Performance

Today’s contact centers have a wealth of data on what happens there each day—but very little information on why. Equip your contact center with text analytics to discover sales opportunities, processes and products in need of improvement, competitive advantage and key issues impacting customers. Verint Data Analytics™ addresses this challenge by mining the data associated with calls to reveal specific scenarios that can help or hurt overall contact center performance. The solution’s data mining capabilities can help contact centers analyze vast quantities of data to discover sales opportunities, processes and products in need of improvement, competitive advantages, and the key issues impacting first-call resolution.

Verint Text Analytics

Analyzes Text Sources, Including Email, Chat, and Social Media, to Surface Key Information

It is not just customer calls that hold significant information; it is also their emails, web chat and what they post on social networking sites. Verint Text Analytics enables for text-based interactions to be mined and analyzed in a similar manner to speech analytics.  You define what sources of interactions you require to be analyzed and Impact 360 Text Analytics uses this structured and unstructured data to extract the content using natural language processing to understand both syntax and context.


For more information on how Back Office Analytics can improve your business, view Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics

All information is based on Verint's 5th-Generation, Impact 360® Workforce Optimization Suite.


"Their high level of expertise means they play a valuable part in the Endemol IT organization, acting as a virtual part of the team." Mark Cotterel Head of IT Endemol London, UK
"Adtech Global takes the time to fully understand our business and the challenges we are facing." Subhash Sreedharan Head of IT Dreams High Wycombe, England
"Adtech Global's communicative approach ensures that our importance as a customer is never to be underestimated." Paul Newman Head of IT LeasedriveVelo Wokingham, England
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  • Does Adtech Global provide any service to monitor my entire system, including my Verint applications?

    Yes. Adtech Global offers a revolutionary managed service called Global Monitor which predicts, isolates and diagnoses problem occurrences and anticipates capacity shortfalls for your entire system. Read more about Global Monitor here.

  • How can Adtech Global add value to my Verint purchase?

    Today, Adtech Global offers every type of service you need for your Verint solution and for more than ten years, Adtech Global has successfully delivered complete, total solutions. From first class implementation, consulting, hardware configuration, to our 24/7 customer care teams, Adtech Global helps ensure your Verint solution is running most efficiently with little interruption to your business. Adtech Global reduces your up-front hardware investment by offering platforms that take up less rack space at a price not matched by other vendors. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities combined with our world-class expertise in computer telephony integration, makes Adtech Global the worldwide leader in providing quality “start to finish” solutions.

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