My company has locations all over the world. Is there a way that Adtech Global can provide quality service to all of my locations?

Yes. Adtech Global has experience servicing companies in over 40 countries. With locations around the globe Adtech Global guarantee the same great service for all of our clients across the world.

What sets Adtech Global apart from other technology solutions providers?

Adtech Global’s best-of-breed technology combined with our people and our services allows your business to run more efficiently with robust technology and a total solution package. Adtech Global offers flexible and a highly scalable blend of services to bring value to every solution to provide the highest quality service for all of our customers, and complete project management around all aspects of our solutions.

Does Adtech Global have a facility to demonstrate technology solutions and where your customers and partners can hold their own events?

Yes. In both our UK and US headquarters, we have space available to our partners and customer to host corporate board meetings, product briefings, annual planning, after hours party or any other corporate event. Adtech Global’s Technology Centers have a training room that holds 50, open entertainment room, and board room.

What products and services do you offer?

At Adtech Global, we are predominantly a services company helping businesses leverage and advance their technology to focus on their core competency while improving operations and customer service. We have been a master distributor and services partner for the Verint contact center software for over 15 years. We are also a certified services partner for the Avaya WFO contact center software and create customized hardware solutions for Independent Software Vendors and companies seeking a hardware partner.

Global Monitor

What makes Global Monitor different from the monitoring service we utilize for our contact center(s) today?

While other monitoring tools or services oversee mainly hardware and operating systems, Global Monitor was developed to specifically provide intelligence around your Verint and Avaya WFO software Global Monitor oversees, detects and alerts on metrics from your various mission-critical WFO applications and related infrastructure to provide an in-depth view into the overall system’s health and performance.

How do I know my Workforce Optimization investment is secure and working optimally with Global Monitor?

With Global Monitor, your support team is augmented with trained Workforce Optimization experts from Adtech Global, a leader in contact center solutions for over 15 years. The service provides your technical team with 24/7/365 real-time monitoring and alerting, so that corrective or preventive efforts are taken timely and based on actionable intelligence, ultimately improving your business continuity.

Why should I choose Adtech Global to monitor my Verint or Avaya WFO applications?

Global Monitor is the only Verint & Avaya WFO application-specific monitoring service. With Adtech Global serving as a Verint services partner and master distributor for over 15 years, the Global Monitor platform was developed by experts who possess an unparalleled knowledge of WFO technology. We leveraged over 100 years of combined experience to develop a service offering aimed specifically at alleviating the most business-impacting issues related to these applications.

What types of companies are ideal for the Global Monitor service?

All contact centers who use Verint or Avaya WFO software applications can improve application uptime and performance with Global Monitor. Small to mid-size organizations benefit by leveraging Global Monitor to address resource or expertise constraints in IT, allowing their staff to be more proactive, while organizations of all sizes can monitor trends and optimize their applications for maximum productivity.

Does the monitoring software impact the performance of the application or server?

No. With only a negligible network transmission of around 5-10 KB added to the network load during polling 9 in 1-2 min intervals, the monitoring software utilizes extremely short, read-only sensory actions on the various monitored elements that have no performance impact on the applications or underlying devices.

What data is being passed from our server?

Only metrics surrounding the data is collected. No proprietary data, including screen data and voice files, is ever collected. For example, we may pass data around the number of calls currently being recorded but never the actual recordings. This data will then be compared real-time against predetermined alarm rules, thresholds and filters to assess if a failure or important trend is occurring.

How do we collect information from your network?

During initial deployment, we will provide you with an Onsite Relay – a virtual or physical appliance that is placed within your network by your IT team. The Onsite Relay is pre-configured to auto-discover and map your operational WFO environment and thereafter collect specific information related to it. The data and metrics that the Onsite Relay gathers is then transmitted through the network firewall via a secure connection to a collection server in the cloud for analysis.

Can my IT team still use their current alerting with Global Monitor?

Yes, they can. However, Global Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring solution for your Verint or Avaya WFO environments, so additional monitoring services are not necessary. Depending on the current monitoring tools being used, Global Monitor can potentially integrate seamlessly to allow for a single overarching management platform.

How quickly will we receive an alert if something fails?

All critical alerts are forwarded to the customer in under 5 minutes.

How long does it take to install and configure before I am receiving alerts? Is there any downtime?

There is absolutely no downtime or other impact to system operations when deploying Global Monitor. Once the customer takes initial actions as outlined in our Architectural Guide documents, like opening the firewall port and installing the Onsite Relay(s), implementation is a matter of minutes, hours or a few days depending on the size of your WFO environment.

What Verint applications and versions can be monitored?

Global Monitor monitors Recording functionality (screen and voice) for Verint versions V7.8 and V11. QM, DPA, WFM and Speech Analytics for Verint V11 will be released during Q1 and Q2, 2015.

What Avaya WFO applications and versions can be monitored?

Recording functionality (screen and voice) for version V12. QM, DPA, WFM and Speech Analytics will be released during Q1 and Q2, 2015.

How many alerts should we expect with the Global Monitor service?

One of the benefits of the purpose-built Global Monitor service is the prevention of hyper-alarming. Initial thresholds, rules and filters are implemented upon initial deployment and based on our vast experience. These rules are further optimized during the calibration process, and thereafter, to adapt to your specific environment and usage.

What is the pricing structure for this service?

The service pricing is based on a flat rate for each type of Verint or Avaya software license being monitored. There are different price tiers based on volume and service levels.

Who is using Global Monitor currently?

Global Monitor has been deployed by a number of Fortune 500 financial, healthcare and insurance organizations, as well as government agencies, at dozens of sites and environments with tens of thousands of licenses and hundreds of monitored devices.

Does someone on our site need to be trained to be the Global Monitor “product manager?”

No. As part of the deployment process, we collect key support personnel contact information in order to ensure alerts are forwarded correctly and timely. A point person, however, that serves as the liaison between the Global Monitor team and the customer has proven to be invaluable in improving the effectiveness of the service over time.

Is there a way for me to test out this service before I pay for it?

Implementing Global Monitor necessitates a commitment from both sides and an appreciable investment in time and resources. We are always investigating new and creative ways to bring this service to our customers. Please discuss this request with your sales representative.

What type of customization can you do?

Effective application monitoring is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Careful consideration should be given to how the software is being used by a particular organization and furthermore, at different sites. While we have developed an array of standard monitors and sensors which are deployed immediately uppn implementation, we use calibration, or the process by which the Global Monitor team works closely with your application support team, to better refine the rules, filters and thresholds after initial implementation. This takes into account monitoring any and all devices on which the monitored software in scope relies on. This customization is within scope and free of charge. In addition, we can potentially implement additional monitors for current or new applications, devices and functions. Such customizations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for feasibility and cost.

Are there different levels or tiers of the service?

Yes. Global Monitor is offered in 2tiers – Base and Plus – to address the monitoring and feature needs, as well as the budget of any size organization.

How does the service work if I already have an Adtech Global support contract?

BETTER! Combining Global Monitor with a support contract is a great way to maximize the benefits of both offerings. By adding Global Monitor, Adtech Global can effectively become a virtual extension of your organization to help resolve issues, potentially before they even impact business. Global Monitor personnel interact seamlessly with Adtech Global Client Care support engineers to seamlessly detect, alert and act upon issues, so that you do not have to.

Workforce Optimization Solutions

Does Adtech Global sell workforce optimization solutions?

Yes. Adtech Global has been a certified master distributor of the entire Verint Workforce Optimization and Voice of the Customer suites for over 15 years. We also offer the entire Verint WFO and VOC suites in a secure, flexible cloud environment via Stratx. Adtech Global also provides implementation, support, hardware installation and manufacturing, training and monitoring services around the Verint and Avaya WFO solutions.

How does Verint compare to other Workforce Optimization solutions on the market?

Verint, has been an industry leader in Workforce Optimization solutions and is used by more than 10,000 organizations in over 150 countries. With more than 85 percent of the Fortune 100 using Verint solutions, Verint’s innovation in the contact center space is widely recognized by industry analysts and consultants. Verint is also the only Workforce Optimization suite that is truly a unified solution.

Does Adtech Global provide any approved Customer Furnished Equipment (CFE) for the Verint WFO software?

Yes, Adtech Global has been building Verint-verified, customized hardware for over 15 years and has an in-depth understanding of Verint’s CFE guide and how to implement hardware to ensure your software is running most effectively. Contact a sales representative for more information.

What if I’m considering moving my Workforce Optimization solutions to the cloud?

You’re in luck! Adtech Global offers Verint WFO in the cloud via Stratx.

Does Adtech Global provide any service to upgrade my hardware or software without replacing my entire system?

Yes. Adtech Global provides migration paths for our installed-base customers and most individual hardware or software applications can be upgraded independently. The methods on which these upgrades take place depend on the version of your software or hardware. Please contact your Adtech Global contact center specialist to learn more on hardware and software upgrades.

How can Adtech Global add value to my Workforce Optimization?

Today, Adtech Global offers every type of service you need for your Workforce Optimization solutions including consulting, training and implementation services, as well as customized hardware, presales and post-sales support.

How can I leverage my workforce optimization software?

Adtech Global has a large, global team of Workforce Optimization consultants who are trained to assist your organization to better use the applications to streamline your contact center operations and improve customer service efforts.

How is the Verint WFO software sold? Are there different packages?

The software is sold by individual application (like Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring, Call Recording, Speech Analytics, etc.) or by combining applications to work in a unified, integrated suite. Verint can be sold premise-based (and Adtech Global can help provide the hardware).

Contact Center Services

What kind of professional services does Adtech Global offer?

Adtech Global has a team of experienced, global Verint or Avaya WFO certified engineers that are skilled in hardware and software deployment, managed services, integration, training, consulting, configuration and installation.

Why should I trust Adtech Global to perform software or hardware implementations for my business?

We follow a strict site readiness process and implementation milestones to ensure your systems are capable of performing to the optimal specifications with minimal interruptions to your business.

What is the difference between Adtech Global WFO training and Verint’s WFO training?

Adtech Global works with Verint to ensure all Verint customers receive professional, comprehensive training when they purchase the Verint software. Like courses given by Verint, Adtech Global’s in-depth classroom or remote training are taught by contact center experts who specialize in the Verint solutions. In addition to selling Verint software, Adtech Global can enroll our customers into the Verint classroom as part of our no-hassle, streamlined partner relationship.

I’m not sure what type of services I need. Is there a way for someone to tell me how I could improve my Workforce Optimziation environment?

Absolutely. Adtech Global works with contact centers across the world performing consulting, managed services, training and implementation services. It is not uncommon for our consultants to perform an initial contact center business review to discover opportunities that we could engage in to help streamline your operations.

What is the typical wait time to have training, implementation or other professional services done for my Verint or Avaya WFO contact center?

Our services can usually be scheduled and take place within the same month.

Stratx Cloud-based WFO

How is my data secured in the cloud?

Adtech Global requires that all users have a valid username and password to access the data. We utilize industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to secure data as it travels back and forth to the Adtech Global cloud.

Does the cloud-based WFO solution meet PCI compliance?

Verint provides the tools necessary for your company to be PCI compliant, however Verint is not PCI compliant. Unlike premise-based offerings, Adtech Global’s cloud-based WFO includes basic encryption when data is in transit or at rest.

Can my firm’s PCI auditors contact Adtech Global?

Adtech Global’s Quality Department is more than happy to work with your company’s auditors to ensure your firm is meeting PCI compliance.

How long can I store my recordings in the cloud?

The service offers you the ability to keep the recordings for as long as you would like. There will be a monthly fee dependent upon the amount of storage you have allocated.

Is Adtech Global’s data center secure?

Our data center has fully-redundant high-density power and cooling capacities engineered to the highest specifications available. The data center features state-of-the-art security and fire-protection systems including digital video surveillance cameras, electronic access cards, fingerprint authentication scanners, early-warning smoke-detection and pre-action fire suppression systems with pressure sensors to ensure proper air is flowing to cool our systems.

What type of training does Adtech Global offer?

Adtech Global’s modularized training is delivered to users based on a proven process which greatly enhances scheduling, applicability to the job, and retention. Our training methodology focuses on “byte-sized” training modules which are delivered systematically as users progress through the implementation timeline. Because the training is presented in private online sessions by one of our Verint experts, there is no need to pay travel expenses. However, if you would like on-site training, Adtech Global can provide a quote to deliver training at your business.

How does the cloud-based WFO solution work with my existing phone switch?

A small appliance (either 1.5 x 17.02” or 2.75 x 9.96”) will be installed at the customer’s location to communicate with the phone switch. Any switches that Verint version 11.1 spec supports will also be supported in the cloud.

How do I control and maintain Verint if it’s in the cloud?

The Verint application is web-based and therefore all of your add, changes and deletes will be performed through your web browser.

Who is responsible for on-site maintenance of the recording appliance?

Adtech Global will maintain the recording appliance. There will be no need for the customer to configure this box.